Posted in: News and Articles | August 2021

THE MYTH: MEN will have SEX with FEELINGS!

“Men will have sex just for the sake of sex cracks.
“Men want to have sex with someone they are in love with”

Men want to have sex with someone they love because the experience gives them feelings that they cannot experience elsewhere.

Sex in a relationship is an intimate language for women and highest level for men as well. The man therefore, seeking sex in
order to get a feeling of intimacy, these feeling associated with sex will disappear for those men did not have sex with their girlfriend.

However, when your sex life is not as good as it used to be because of stress, disease, aging or medication, nature knows what works
with man’s natural design and without putting your health at risk like Potensan®.

With Potensan®, now you can turn most sexual challenges; premature ejaculation, soft erection, stress-related sexual inability,
low libido, low testosterone – into intense arousal leading to confident reliable performance with one or two tablets.

Thus, stimulates vitality and power for Men, this is suitable for those who want to impress and perform sexually.

Make Love is more fun with POTENSAN®