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Food Supplement for Impotence and Menopause

Research has shown that 52 percent of males aged between 40 to70 years have some form of impotence.
And men who have circulation and blood sugar problems are up to four times more likely to be completely impotent later in life.

Medical problems like diabetes, heart and circulatory conditions, side-effects of drugs, stress and anxiety are some of the causes of impotence.
Aging can also be a factor. Six to seven out of 10 males suffer from impotence problems from age 50 and above worldwide

Alcohol intake decreases testosterone production and may cause andropause, the equivalent of menopause in men.
Clogged blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) diminish the supply of blood into the penis, which may result in failure to “perform” good sex.

Potensan® offers a non-invasive yet effective way to address both impotence in men and the problems associated with menopause
among women. It is made up of 100 percent natural food supplement proven to enhance sexual drive and potency.

If your sexual powers are hindered by stress, high blood or diabetes, try Potensan® for a week or two,
Guaranteed to work on 9 out of 10 triers, Potensan® is a 100% natural food supplement designed and proven to enhance
sexual drive and potency. It's made entirely in Norway – the land of the sex-strong Vikings. Introduced in the Philippines
a decade ago,Potensan® has been the safe, natural, healthy sex pill taken by millions of men and women in Europe for over 33 years.

Potensan® stimulates the brain to naturally release testosterone, which produces pheromone, a natural substance that
sends sex signals to create a positive change in you and your partner’s mood and behaviour because of heightened sex appeal.

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