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FDA Approved

"Natural ingredients must be manufactured using processes that conform to the natural environment".

The Grant GR Import/Export has cherished this very same principle. Our company's tradition is to formulate ingredients taken from nature. Most of our products have recipes originating in the Royal Viking Generation. But the end-products are manufactured with cutting-edge equipment and techniques that meet rigorous standards for quality and safety.

What began as a small quality-conscious enterprise has grown, over the years, into a major consumer products company. The Grant GR Import/Export products have achieved a leading position in the domestic market and have been well received in most of Europe. This success has led to further international expansion through exports, focusing on expanding well-secured all-natural herbal product lines.

Our product has regulatory approval in EUROPE and ASIA.

  • APPROVED IN SCANDINAVIA - our products contains NO artificial substances and NO additives, produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, which ensure safety for all consumers. This means IF THEY APPROVE A PRODUCT, IT DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO.
  • APPROVED IN APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) - Our product is immediately approve for importation using the FDA/BFAD Certificate of Product Registration as supporting document in ALL 21 member-countries of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).
  • APPROVED IN Czech Republic - Ministry of Health.
  • APPROVED IN FDA/BFAD (Food and Drug Administration – Philippines/Bureau of Food and Drug)


Our commitment has compelled us to grow and care for our own master herbs in order to meet our self-imposed strict standards. Our group holds sales offices all over Europe, in Manila, Philippines, and soon we will be in the United States of America and in other parts of Asia.

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What is Impotence?

is the inability to obtain or maintain inadequate erection suitable for a satisfying sexual intercourse. It can be the loss of ability to have an erection, or sustain one. It can also mean premature ejaculation, or inability to have one. 3 out of 10 males between 20-30 years old suffer from some kind of impotence. The number increases to 4 out of 10 males in the age group 31-50 years old. Six to seven out of 10 males suffer from impotence problems from age 50 and above, worldwide.

Medical problems

like diabetes, heart and circulatory conditions, side effects of drugs, stress and anxiety are some of the causes of impotence. Aging can also cause impotence. It is 75% physiological, 20% psychological and 5% for unknown reason.

Research has shown that 52% of males aged between 40-70 years have significant impotence problems. Men who have circulation and blood sugar problems are up to 4 times more likely to be completely impotent later in life.

Alcohol intake decrease testosterone production, and may cause andropause – the equivalent of menopause in Men. Clogged blood vessels (arteriosclerosis) diminish the supply of blood into the penis, which may result in failure to "perform" good sex.

Millions of health-conscious Europeans, both men and women use Potensan® - regularly for sex and for its wonderful side benefits. They feel the difference and enjoy the results. For them the difference Potensan and the popular drug or chemical alternative is obvious, as can be gleaned in the table below:


Our customers stick to Potensan® because it's been tried and proven for 33 years in the Market Worldwide.

There are cheaper options of Sexual Enhancers out there, but they're NOT QUALITY-CONTROLLED, there may be side effects caused by the drug mixed in the ingredients. Herbal Sexual Enhancer Supplements are, as a rule, much safer, however many herbs also would not be recommended in those with severe high blood pressure

Give her/him what she/he want...seven times a week

GREAT, intimate experiences start with intense attraction that is a fact experienced Men and Women can't deny. Most Men and Women lose their natural allure when they reach their 40's.

This is where Potensan® - all natural sexual enhancer comes in, boost sexual desire and energy that enhance your sexual performance more satisfying. Enjoy the same level of enhanced charm, intimacy and longevity from Potensan®, thus radiating that sex life you have always wanted.

How Potensan® Works?

Potensan® (all natural sexual enhancer) potentiates the normal way of arriving at a satisfying sexual activity by targeting the brain as the main organ and stimulates to naturally release Testosterone for Men and Estrogen for Women which are known to produce Pheromone a natural substance that sends sex signals, which naturally cause a positive change in a woman's mood and behaviour towards Men because of its heightened sex appeal.

Is Potensan® for me or somebody I know?
Potensan® is perfect for you if you're sexual performance have been weakened due to:

  • Lifestyle (stress, smoking, too much alcohol)
  • Disease (high blood pressure,diabetes, high cholesterol)
  • Psychological Problems.
  • Age (andropause, menopause)
  • Taking Medication (anti-hypertensive,anti-diabetics, cholesterol-lowering agents,etc.)

Potensan® All Natural Sexual Enchancher for Men and Women Overview

Potensan® - Your Secret Partner to A Super Sex Life

Enhance your sexual prowess the natural way with Potensan®, the leading natural sex pill in Europe.

Potensan® stimulates the brain to release hormones making sexual arousal more intense.Intimate moments are made sexier with Potensan®. Unlike other sex enhancers that work directly on the organ, Potensan® stimulates the brain to release hormones making sexual arousal more intense.

Potensan® is 100% all natural food supplement proven to enhance the sexual drive and potency. With tried and true Norwegian formulation,it has been tested safe and effective even without prescription. Potensan® increases sexual abilities and balances, and upgrades the natural hormonal system of men. Potensan® works centrally in the brain to send impulses to various body parts resulting to effective release of testosterone for a stronger, faster erections and quicker recovery periods.

History of Potensan®

The original herbal formula came from an old traditional Viking concoction in 794 AD. The Viking during that time was under severe pressure from fighting and travelling around the world. The original Potensan® was regarded as a "gift from heaven".

In 1989 two Norwegian Homeopaths began to incorporate science to enhance the time-tested formula. This resulted in the new-generation herbal blend whose potency is enhanced without compromising safety. Initial reports by test-users were encouraging. Soon after, they started experimenting with new ingredients blended in varying amounts, going through several efficacy and safety tests in European countries. In 1990, the final, optimum formula was released - Potensan®

Current use of Potensan®

Potensan® was originally designed for private use among the patients of the homeopaths. However, the efficacy was so remarkable that soon word spread about the remedy. Today, having undergone severe testing for safety and efficacy, it is available in the commercial market.


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